Saturday, November 27, 2010

High Level Hong Kong Delegation Visit

Trio World School greeted a number of high level dignitaries from Hong Kong today when they arrived to visit the Premier British International School in Bangalore.
Waving small Hong Kong flags the pupils who range in age from 2 ½ years to 18 were met by big smiles from the visitors who then went on to be introduced to the Headmaster and members of staff.
The group visited the school to discuss education opportunities in Hong Kong, with senior Trio students.
Two pupils, Oliver Vickers and Rutuja Pattanshetti then acted as their guides showing the visitors around the school
Dr Catherine K. K. Chan, Deputy Secretary of Education made her opening remarks to the students on Education in Hong Kong and then each of the tertiary institution representatives spoke with smaller groups of interested parents & students about what their specific University or Polytechnic could offer.
Parents and students were also able to take part in a Question & Answer session before the delegation left the school for refreshments at The Chairman’s Club and Resort, also part of Trio World School.
Headmaster declared “the visit has been a splendid success, the more students know about the wider opportunities available to them, the better equipped they are to make vital decisions about their future and educational choices”.
The delegation will be returning to Hong Kong later this week.

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