Thursday, June 19, 2014

Typical Day at TRIO WORLD ACADEMY Bengaluru

At Trio World School we offer an individual education for each student.

The TWS curriculum combines extra-curricular interests and sports with a wide range of academic studies to develop a personal programme.

This personal combination of studies is overseen by Head of the School, that ensure that any of the inevitable clashes of interest are addressed and that extra time rehearsing for Hamlet doesn't mean Math's homework is no longer important!

We expect a lot from our students: each academic subject sets homework to be completed before the next lesson, so pupils soon learn the skills of time management and prioritising that will give them the self-confidence and independence required at university and beyond.

The week runs from Monday to Friday from 8am to 3.30pm with 6, 50-minute periods each day plus. All students have two scheduled afternoons of sports a week.

In High School, homework is set for every school day and should take about one and a half hours not including private study for their examination subjects. Students in the Middle School are expected to spend at least three hours a week on homework. Primary school students will be given a minimum of 20 minutes homework thrice weekly. Parents of Infant students are actively encouraged to help with colouring pictures, learning new words and writing letters and counting as often as possible.

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